Siemens Electric Cylinders

The electric cylinder comprises a CASM linear unit supplied by EWELLIX and a SIMOTICS S-1FK7 motor. The CASM linear unit converts the rotary motion of the SIMOTICS S-1FK7 motor into a highly dynamic linear movement and is a perfect substitute for pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders in many applications. By contrast with pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, electric cylinders allow the driven machine to approach any position with extreme precision solely on the basis of setpoints transferred to an inverter from the SINAMICS S120 range.

  • Modular system with wide variety of options.
  • Substitute for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in most applications.
  • No compressed air/hydraulic fluid required – helps to cut costs (no need to supply compressed air or hydraulic fluid), reduces noise emissions significantly and lowers energy consumption in operation.
  • Highly dynamic, precise positioning with high repeat accuracy.
  • Mechanical conversion is simple because electric cylinders are essentially the same size as pneumatic cylinders. Furthermore, the relevant pneumatic cylinder accessories can also be used for electric cylinders.
  • The SIMOTICS S-1FK7 motors are attached to the linear unit by means of adapters supplied by EWELLIX, making it very easy for the customer to install the motor.


The electric cylinders (CASM linear unit supplied by EWELLIX in conjunction with SIMOTICS S-1FK7 motors and SINAMICS S120 converters) can be used for any application which requires a linear motion and/or a defined force. Their areas of application are the same as those for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.

The electric cylinders are used, for example, in production machines such as:

  • Machines used in the wood, glass, and ceramics industries
  • Metalworking and coating machines
  • Printing machines
  • Plastics processing machines
  • Packaging machines

Function examples:

  • Positioning of cutters
  • Edge guidance/edge cutting
  • Retainers
  • Buffers/sorters/slide gates
  • Nozzle holders


  • Technical advice must be sought for applications involving  continuous short-stroke movements (less than three times screw pitch).
  • The electric cylinder must be assembled (depending on the stroke length) in such a way as to minimize lateral forces.
  • The electric cylinder is not self-locking – it might be necessary to provide a motor holding brake.

Technical Specifications:
The technical specifications given below are intended to provide an initial overview only and refer to operation of the linear units with SIMOTICS S-1FK7 motors (see equipment combinations in the tables).

CASM-32 Linear Unit
                                                        Suitable Motor Type  LS BS BN
 Spindle type  - Lead screw Ball screw  Ball screw
 Screw pitch  -  1.5mm/rev (0.06  in/rev)  3mm/rev (0.12  in/rev)   10mm/rev (0.39  in/rev)
 Max. force F max         
Parallel arrangement  1FK7015 300N (67.4 lbf) 700 N (157 lbf) 450  N (101 lbf)
Axial arrangement  1FK7015 300 N (67.4 lbf) 700 N (157 lbf) 450  N (101 lbf)
1FK7022 300 N (67.4 lbf) 700 N (157 lbf) 630 N (142 lbf)

Max. average force Fm (average force over a completed motion cycle)
 Parallel arrangement    1FK7015  203 N (45.6 lbf 293 N (65.9 lbf) 151 N (33.9 lbf)
Axial arrangement   1FK7015  203 N (45.6 lbf 293 N (65.9 lbf) 151 N (33.9 lbf)
 1FK7022  300 N (67.4 lbf 672 N (151 lbf) 357 N (80.3 lbf)
Max. Velocity 60 mm/s (2.36 in/s)  150 mm/s (5.91 in/s)  500 mm/s (19.7 in/s)
Stroke 50 … 400 mm (1.97 ... 15.7 in)

CASM-63 Linear Unit
                                                        Suitable Motor  Type  LS BS BN
 Spindle type  - Lead screw  Ball screw   Ball screw 
 Screw pitch  -  4mm/rev (0.16 in/rev)   10mm/rev (0.39 in/rev)   20mm/rev (0.79 in/rev) 
Max. force F max
 Parallel arrangement    1FK7034  1000N (67.4 lbf) 2583 N (157 lbf) 1339  N (301 lbf)
 Axial arrangement     1FK7034   1000 N  (67.4 lbf  3052 N  (157 lbf 1583  N (356 lbf)
  1FK7044    1000 N  (67.4 lbf 5400 N (157 lbf) 2800 N (629 lbf)
Max. average force Fm (average force over a completed motion cycle)
Parallel arrangement    1FK7034   527 N   (118 lbf 708 N (159 lbf 367 N (82.5 lbf
Axial arrangement    1FK7034   527 N   (118 lbf 708 N (159 lbf 367 N (82.5 lbf
 1FK7044   1000 N  (225 lbf 1745 N (392 lbf)  905 N (203 lbf
Max. Velocity -  70 mm/s  (2.76 in/s)   530 mm/s (20.9 in/s)   1060 mm/s (41.7 in/s)  
Stroke - 100 … 800 mm (3.94 ... 31.5 in)

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