Plastic tubing PUN-H, PUN-H-DUO

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Flexible and hydrolysis-resistant tubing with standard O.D. in various colours in single or double tubing design
  • Polyurethane
  • High resistance to microbes and hydrolysis
  • Suitable for use with energy chains
  • Clean room-compatible combination with fitting NPKA
  • Also available as DUO plastic tubing
  • Operating media compressed air, vacuum, water. Water as per the manufacturer's declaration, see
Type codes          
001 Series     005 Colour  
PUN Plastic tubing, polyurethane     NT Natural  
        BL Blue  
002 Alternative material characteristic     TBL Translucent blue  
H Hydrolysis-resistant     SW Black  
        TSW Translucent black  
003 Pipe/tubing O.D. x wall thickness     SI Silver  
2x0,4 2x0.4 mm     RT Red  
3x0,5 3x0.5 mm     TRT Translucent red  
4x0,75 4x0.75 mm     GN Green  
6x1 6x1 mm     TGN Translucent green  
8x1,25 8x1.25 mm     GE Yellow  
10x1,5 10x1.5 mm     TGE Translucent yellow  
12x2 12x2 mm     BS Blue/black  
14x2 14x2 mm          
16x2,5 16x2.5 mm     006 Packaging unit [m]  
          Standard 50 m  
004 Tubing type     100 100 m  
  Standard      200 200 m  
DUO DUO pneumatic tubing     300 300 m  
        400 400 m  
        500 500 m