Pressure regulator MS12-LR

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All compressed air preparation functions: pressure control, switch-on, filter control and soft start valves with safety function, filter, pressure and flow sensors, dryers, water separators, sensors, lubricators and distributors. The right solution for very task. In sizes 4, 6, 9 and 12.
  • Grid dimension 124 mm
  • High flow rate performance with minimal pressure drop
  • Good control characteristics with minimal pressure hysteresis and primary pressure compensation
  • With secondary exhausting
  • Lockable rotary knob
  • With or without pressure gauge
  • MS12-LR-...-PO: pneumatically actuated (pressure range determined by pilot regulator)
  • MS12-LR-...-PE6: electrically actuated (pilot control by proportional pressure regulator)
  • Sustainable operation thanks to reduced pressure level
Type codes          
001 Series     006 Pressure gauge alternatives  
MS MS series       None  
        VS Cover plate  
002 Size     A4 Adapter for EN pressure gauge 1/4, without pressure gauge  
12 Grid dimension 124 mm          
        007 Alternative pressure gauge scale  
003 Function       MS pressure gauge  
LR Pressure regulator     PSI psi  
        MPA MPa  
004 Pneumatic connection          
AGF Sub-base G1     008 Rotary knob alternative  
AGG Sub-base G11/4       None  
AGH Sub-base G11/2     LD Long rotary knob  
AGI Sub-base G2          
G Module without connecting thread, without sub-base     009 Lockability  
005 Pressure regulation range     AS Can be locked using accessories  
D6 0.3 ... 7 bar     E11 With integrated lock  
D7 0.5 ... 12 bar          
D8 0.5 ... 16 bar     010 Type of mounting  
PO Max. 16 bar, pneumatically actuated (pressure range        Without mounting bracket  
  determined by pilot regulator     WP Mounting bracket basic design  
PE6 0.15 ... 6 bar, solenoid actuated (pilot control by          
  proportional-pressure regulator)     011 Flow direction  
          Flow direction from left to right  
        Z Flow direction from right to left